Mrs. Dork's Soda Shop

When I was little, my daddy used to take me to Ms. Suzie's Soda Shop right next to the train station. We would both get a double chocolate soda and Ms. Suzie would talk to us nonstop as she prepared them. I watched her make a lot of double chocolate sodas.

Ms. Suzie's Soda Shop closed down when I was 10, but yesterday, I started craving a double chocolate soda. I remembered watching her make it time and time again, and decided I'd try to make it myself. And you know what? It tasted the exact same as I remembered it.

This is how one makes Ms. Suzie's Double Chocolate Soda:
Chill glass in the freezer (this is a super important step, promise). When it's chilled, pour choclate syrup around the edge of the inside of the glass, so it will drip down into the bottom and cover the sides. Put however many scoops you can into the glass, leaving a little room at the top. Pour club soda over ice cream, covering it completely. It will get all bubbly.

I promise you, this is the best stuff ever. If I ever open a Mrs. Dork's Cupcakes, it will so have an ice cream counter, and there will be lots of cupcake/icing/ice cream combinations. Or maybe I'll just continue to make them from home.

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  1. HELLO deliciousness- This looks so scrumptious! I will definitely add this to my list of things to make!

    xo Lynzy