Easy Math

cardigan: Old Navy
scarf: Dillard's
skirt: Target
tights: Target
boots: Wet Seal
headband: Claire's

You know what I don't understand? People who don't bother putting effort into their clothing choices. Looking cute (much less decent) requires so little effort that more people should give it a try! Seriously.

simple cheapo cardigan + cute scarf + cute flats or boots = easy peasy outfit

(This is how communication majors do math.)

Then, a couple cute accessories, like some fun tights and a hippie headband, make it more "you" and an outfit is born! And all within the five minutes before you had to leave for Spanish class!

Goodness gracious. So easy a caveman could do it.


  1. I know what you mean! People often stare at ME for dressing the way I do and I wonder what they think of their own "style"! Love how your scarf goes with the green top, very colorful and fun!


  2. I love this headband! I have the same thoughts, especially going to Wal-Mart where there are seas and seas of sweat and yoga pants or even people in their PAJAMAS!!! Are you kidding me????

  3. This is the cutest outfit. I especially love the way you styled the headband - you have such pretty hair!

    I often see people out and about in sweats or PJs - it really baffles me!

  4. i adore everything about this outfit girl. just stumbled across your blog and i am loving it. such a cute banner too!
    xo TJ