Macarons in the Making

top: thrifted
skirt: Old Navy
hat: Old Navy (gift from Mama K)
belt: Gap
tights: Target
boots: Target

Last night I attempted to make macarons. I'm not sure they turned out correctly, which I don't really care so much about as long as they're still tasty. Unfortunately, macarons require a 24-hour period to "ripen" (no really that was the actual word the recipe used), so I won't know for sure how they turned out until tonight. ("Ripening" is when the filling and the cookie become one and live in perfect harmony.) 

Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure I accidentally poured the hot sugar syrup mixture into the egg whites before they had formed peaks, and I think the egg sort of... cooked. Anyhoo, I never could get it to form stiff peaks, which, according to every macaron Q&A post I could find meant something is wrong and they won't be perfect little cookies with adorable little feet. But after all the hard work I'd put in by making a special trip to find almond flour, buying a kitchen scale and thermometer (I'd been wanting them anyways), and measuring out every. single. ingredient in grams, I decided that it didn't matter. I would prevail and I would have my macarons whether or not they had feet and the centers were hollow. 

The centers were hollow. Only some had feet. But when you put two sweet little cookies around some delicious icing, I don't think it matters if they have all the right body parts or not. 


  1. Love this outfit! :) You are so cute! :)

  2. Why thank you! I've gotta admit that I love this one too!

  3. How old are you? you are beautiful! I love the pics if you don't want to share your age thats fine it just you look so young

  4. Thank you! I am 22 years old, but I look a lot younger! Most people guess that I'm about 16.